Arterial blood gas essay

Check for severe breathing and lung problems such as asthmacystic fibrosisor chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD Check how treatments for your lung problems are working Check if you need extra oxygen or other help with breathing Check your acid-base balance if you have heart or kidney failure, uncontrolled diabetessevere sleep problems, severe infections, or have had a drug overdose What Happens During the Test?

Why You Get It Your doctor may request an arterial blood gas test to: Modern blood gas analyzers are capable of measuring various forms of hemoglobin, serum electrolytes, and metabolites.

Arterial Blood Gases - Indications and Interpretation

Before the arterial blood gas test, your doctor or another health care worker may apply pressure to the arteries in your wrist for several seconds.

Plasma bicarbonate, or actual bicarbonate, is calculated from the pH and Paco2 measured values. Today, given the variety of analyzers, many technologies such as potentiometry, amperometry, fluorescence, and ion-selective electrodes are utilized to measure blood gases, electrolytes, and metabolites.

Allow the patient to titrate with the oxygen for minutes 30 minutes if they have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD before taking a sample. The test gives your doctor clues about how well your lungsheartand kidneys are working. The validity of blood gas results is dependent on analyzer function, sample collection and sample handling techniques pre- and post-analytical factors.

You may have a few minutes of discomfort during or after the test. In some disorders, either the positive or negative ions may increase, leading to a change in the anion gap. How to interpret arterial blood gases The following indices should be looked at in the following order see local laboratory for reference ranges: For this reason, most modern blood gas analyzers also incorporate a co-oximeter.

Once you have taken your sample and withdrawn the needle, apply firm pressure for a minimum of two minutes longer if the patient is on any antiplatelet medication or anticoagulants.

What Is an Arterial Blood Gas Test?

Analyzers come in a variety of sizes from hand-held to portable desktop systems, which are more user friendly, more automated, and require less technical expertise and maintenance by the end user compared with earlier analyzers. Gastrointestinal tract causes - eg, diarrhoea, pancreatic fistula.

Thus, will be impaired in lung disease such as COPD. The analyzers will autocalibrate, analyze quality control samples, and detect errors. You also may feel lightheaded, faintdizzy, or nauseated while your blood is drawn.

Primary acid-base disturbances Respiratory acidosis: Your lungs are getting enough oxygen Your lungs are removing enough carbon dioxide Your kidneys are working properly The values for normal results vary. This is known as the anion gap.

Results of your arterial blood gas test usually are available in less than 15 minutes. The procedure, called the modified Allen test, checks that blood flow to your hand is normal.

If there is any delay then it may not be safe to perform radial artery puncture. Release pressure on the ulnar artery and look for perfusion of the hand this takes under eight seconds.

Apply pressure over the ulnar and the radial arteries occluding both keep the hand elevated.Arterial Blood Gas Indications: An ABG is ordered as a way to assess or manage a patient’s respiratory and metabolic acid/base balance.

The test assesses the pH of a patient’s blood and is used as an indicator for the particular cause of the acidosis or alkalosis. The British Thoracic Society Guidelines Nursing Essay; The British Thoracic Society Guidelines Nursing Essay.

My colleague and I were called to attend an elderly gentleman who was suffering from severe shortness of breath (SOB). I have taken many patients to hospital and witnessed the Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) sample being taken during.

Arterial blood gas

Arterial blood gases are used also to interpret blood oxygenation using the Po2 value. This value indicates the partial pressure of oxygen, the ability of oxygen to bind to haemoglobin and transfer to tissues, this ability can be affected by the acid state of the body.

Blood is composed of plasma (clear extracellular fluid) and cellular components, which consist of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Necessary body fluids, nutrients, gases, chemicals, and wastes are transported throughout the body by the blood.

Understanding arterial blood gases can sometimes be confusing. A logical and systematic approach using these steps makes interpretation much easier. Applying the concepts of acidbase balance will help the healthcare provider follow the progress of a patient.

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Arterial blood gas essay
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