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They get into heroine, churs and other things of abuse. Corruption Corruption has become a major threat to Pakistani society because of four important reasons. Due to this, people are unable to follow the norms and values of society.

Pakistan observes a population growth rate of 2. Political instability is a situation when the uncertainty among the government structure expand due to some basic causes and it eventually end up the current government1.

Pakistan owns rich mineral resources. A shop keeper is ready to get whole money from the pocket of customer. It is one of the most important and sensitive issue not only for our self but for the whole world.

The increased population has put a strain on social and economic spheres of life. If saving is poor, then these problems create heavy tension and disturbance on the members of family. Privatization Government is unable to manage the departments and country has low reserve assets.

It is the responsibility of leadership to give an encouraging thinking to the peoples. Landlords do not labour on their land, rather they exploit peasants or tenants.

In this Way, they will remain in the house and productively utilize their free time. One cannot expect good deeds from a starved and hungry person. They are the victim of epidemics like malaria, cholera, gestro and other sever diseases viii.

Brain drain must be reduced and maximum intellects must be assimilated for prosperity and development of the country.

This irresponsible behavior continuously increases and produces loss for county.

Short essay on Poverty in Pakistan

The economic condition of an average individual is very pathetic. People doing jobs are not performing their duties well. I ordered a psychology job there.

Causes of Poverty in Pakistan and its Solutions

The system, is parasitical in its very root. It is rightly said that poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere. Those who do not constitute the political elite are unable to make political leaders and the Government responsive to their needs or accountable to promises.

There is a need for considerable effort to increase jobs and employment opportunities for the people. Corruption and terrorism are the biggest hurdles in the way of foreign investment. Law and Order There are lot of problems regarding law and order. People should be given It should be effort of the government that no one should remain unemployed.

A special effort may be started for the rural areas because illiteracy is more in rural areas. Recession in the U. Investment is the flow of resources in manufacturing and services industry which creates employment and benefit people. I have been studying at university and having a conflict with a teacher who thought of me as a lazy weirdo.

Feudals possess thousands of acres of land.Causes of Poverty in the United States Essay Words | 10 Pages. Causes of Poverty in the United States The United States defines poverty for a family of four as being less than $16, per year, or $4, per person (Leone 12).

People find themselves under this.  POVERTY IN PAKISTAN CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Poverty Condition in Pakistan 3. Definition 4. Causes of Poverty in Pakistan Government Policies Poor Governance Corruption Unemployment Overpopulation Education 5.

Remedies to Overcome Poverty in Pakistan 6. Conclusion INTRODUCTION The word poverty derived from Latin word “pauper” means “poor”. Looking for the poverty in Pakistan essay in english for BA/MA/CSS? Here is the Poverty in Pakistan English Essay pdf - Causes, Impacts and Solutions Poverty in Pakistan English Essay - Causes, Impacts and Solutions - key features of poverty in Pakistan, discusses its main causes, outlines existing programs and initiatives to reduce poverty, and gives a set of strategic options for ADB.

A draft of this report was discussed at a high-level forum by representatives of the. Causes of poverty in Pakistan. It is not possible to point out all the causes of the Poverty in Pakistan but here we have discussed some points that are the main causes so have a look down and read these causes carefully.

Policies of Government: The government of Pakistan is not aware of the exact present condition of the nation and its people. A good student should start writing Poverty in Pakistan essay with an outline and later discuss the reasons behind it and should end up with the solutions to deal with the reasons of this problem.

Outline of Essay on Poverty in Pakistan for F.A, FSC, 2nd Year, B.A & BSC. Introduction with the Poverty in Pakistan. Reasons behind this problem.

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Causes of poverty in pakistan essay
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