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Some of the characters and traits of a hero include bravery, kindness, humble, dependable and tolerant as well as patient, determination, dedication, loyalty, selfless, perseverance, valor, and endurance among others mesacc. Heroes can be famous or not famous.

Heroes can be defined as people who take up courage to take up challenging activities and situations for the sake of others from their kind heart. They could be anywhere and their acts of heroism can come anytime, since it is never expected, and most of the times come as surprises.

Many people in such situations would give up and turn back. However, if you would ask people to define the word, there are very few who would give the right meaning. In addition, if one was told to give examples of a hero, the list could be big enough ranging from people we envy to those we feel or think they are heroes.

Rather, heroes can even be from acts of kindness, such as sacrifices that parents make for the welfare of their children.

Rather, a hero in general terms is a person who takes a bold step or achievement that requires courage, bravery and a kind heart to do it, and normally done for others Goins, Therefore, a hero must have the willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of other people.

Heroes are people that take on a journey with many challenges but manage to overcome them achieve the intended goal.

Therefore, a hero can be any person irrespective of occupations, who takes a bold step to do something for others, in most cases being acts of kindness but require courage and determination. Another point to make in order to understand more about a hero, is realizing that heroes can come from anywhere.

As a kid, my heroes were movie stars that took the daring acts that no body else could do, as well as characters in stories that did what ordinary people could not do and people whom I envied probably because of what they are and what they do. Many people define a role model or person they think is a hero out of their occupations.

However, if this doctor saves a drowning child by swimming in a fast flowing river, he becomes a hero. Above all, heroes are heroes because of what they do for others.

However, they manage to overcome their fear in order to persist on until they accomplish their mission. A hero goes through many difficulties in a journey that poses so many dangers of failure. Heroes are ordinary people in difficult situations that require courage and even raise fear in them.

Anybody can be a hero, as long as they posses the courage to overcome their fear, which is one of the major defining qualities of heroes.

In this case, he demonstrates an act of bravery, courage and a loving heart for the child that drove him to take the bold step. Their courage allows them to persist on with any challenge that comes their way, despite standing a slight chance of wining. They take up the slim chance and manage to use it to their advantage until they achieve what they intend to achieve for others.

Heroes are unexpected, and are realized only after their acts of heroism. However, heroes persist on despite challenges and difficulties.Free Essay: Classical heroes commonly display bravery and strength in their noble feats of self-sacrifice in order to attain fame and glory as a savior of.

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Extended definition essay on hero
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