How to write a commercial sublease contract

Essentially, two agreements pertaining the property are simultaneously in effect, and two separate sets of obligations are created. Below are some common relationships where a Sublease Agreement is used: Below is a chart of some nuisances and suffering that can be prevented with a written agreement: A sublease agreement can help give both parties peace of mind After receiving a job offer from your dream job in a different city, you are ecstatic, except for one thing.

Inspection Checklist An inspection checklist is a document that you can include with your Sublease Agreement to further protect both you and your subtenant. If the subtenant does fail to pay rent or causes damages to the property, the tenant will have to first pay the landlord and separately seek remedies for breach of the Sublease Agreement.

When Do You Need One? Subletting can be costly.

Therefore, the tenant retains all of his or her obligations under that agreement. In the event the subtenant fails to pay rent or otherwise perform his or her obligations under the Sublease Agreement, the tenant is NOT excused from paying rent or performing his or her obligations under the original lease agreement.

This includes paying rent, requesting repairs, and any other duties required of the tenant. Be sure to perform your due diligence and properly vet any potential subtenants.

The tenant will remain liable to the landlord, including for any damages caused by the subtenant. LT Tip In some states it is illegal to charge your subtenant more than what you pay under your original lease agreement.

You should have your subtenant complete the checklist within a certain number of days after moving in, being careful to mark the condition of all rooms, appliance, fixtures, and furnishings. However, some states and municipalities may permit you to sublease even when your original lease forbids it.

Especially because you retain liability for the actions of your subtenants. Whatever the situation, a Sublease Agreement can put into writing the agreement between you and another party regarding the property being sublet.

Oral agreements hold too much uncertainty, and friendships have been known to break over less than who is responsible for replacing the carpet.Mar 31,  · At the top of the paper, write "Residential Lease" or another appropriate title to make it clear that this is a legal contract.

2 81%(53). A Sublease Agreement is a lease contract between an original tenant and a subtenant. Sublet Leases, best if approved by the landlord or property manager, are often used when original leaseholders cannot complete the terms of their lease, need to move, are going to be temporarily relocated, or want to move in a roommate.

A Commercial Sublease Agreement is used when a business tenant sublets the rental space to a subtenant without breaking his or her current lease with the landlord or property manager.

Using a Commercial Sublease Agreement, you can lease property that you may no longer need or part of a property that you also occupy. Often commercial leases are long term, sometimes up to ten years and include expensive penalties for terminating the contract.

A Sublease Agreement is a lease or rental agreement between the original tenant who is currently leasing the premises and the new tenant, or subtenant, who will be moving in to all or a part of the premises.

Free Sub-Lease Agreement Templates | PDF | Word: A sublease agreement is a form that allows a tenant to rent space they have under a written contract with a landlord to someone else known as a Sublessee.

How to Write (Commercial Sublease) Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF .pdf) or Microsoft Word.

How to write a commercial sublease contract
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