Human trafficking counter argument

It is, however, pathetic that this should happen in Tennessee, a state not known as a hot bed of liberalism. All the while it openly supports terrorist training camps within its borders. Either way, we should not be surprised to see a profound increase in American deaths by rogue regimes should President Obama move into the White House.

That is, after all, what it is — a modern slave trade few people want to pay attention to. A Marchreport by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women documented that many of these women and children go on to be held against their will working in asian themed spas.

As Blue Collar Muse notes, home school students in Tennessee routinely perform better than public school students on standardized tests and in college. The Board claims it does not know what home school students are being taught, but with increased frequency studies show public school students do not learn what they are taught.

In the United States, human trafficking is a growing problem. In fact, just the opposite happens. The Netherlands, for examplehas seen a massive influx of human trafficking cases.

The Tennessee Board of Education ruled that when a job requires a diploma, home school affiliated diplomas will be unacceptable. Venezuela has been fighting a war by proxy with Columbia to advance the drug trade.

The State Board of Education has invalidated diplomas from religious based schools that are home-school affiliated. Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and other countries with permissive attitudes on prostitution are at the top of the human trafficking list.

Now Tennessee has joined the war. Of course, the counter argument is that if we legalized prostitution this would all go away. Inch by inch, state boards of education are trying to shut down alternatives to government schools.

The next time you pass a massage parlor you might want to remember that in several recent raids in the United States, more than fifty percent of the women arrested for prostitution were held against their will. According to the Central Intelligence Agency and State Department, approximately 17, women are smuggled into this country annually as part of human trafficking operations.

Human Trafficking: ‘An $8 Billion International Business’

The problem has gotten so bad, even progressive San Francisco has cracked down. California passed a law providing that home-schooling is illegal unless the teacher in the home is certified to teach at the grade level being taught.

The report, compiled with a grant from the Department of Justice, paints a disturbing picture that includes women marrying American servicemen in Korea being sold into slavery once relocated to the United States. While my libertarian friends have no problem with these places, knowing full well they operate more for the happy ending than the back rub, these places are more often than not a sign that slavery did not die in this country with the passage of the thirteenth amendment.

It too spends very little on actual war production.Transcript of counter argument/ sex trafficking Sex Trafficking Counter Argument human trafficking also known as slavery we are able to have products like, broccoli,sugar cane,coffee and corn.

Counter Argument “ The human trafficking business is the second-fastest-growing criminal industry in the world” (Baldas). Many people may say human trafficking is making a lot of money so why stop? Of course, the counter argument is that if we legalized prostitution this would all go away.

Essay about sex trafficking - what to argue and what points to make?

In fact, just the opposite happens. The Netherlands, for example, has seen a massive influx of human trafficking cases. Human Trafficking Counter Argument Brittany Oliver Documented Argument December 3, English Crime and Punishment of Human Trafficking Introduction Human.

Mar 22,  · Human trafficking is not reported for lack of help for victims (how to start?) I need some evidence to support my thesis that U.S. laws about human trafficking and the lack of support for victims are to blame for why cases are unreported any suggestions with resource info would help greatly.

Counter argument for why should people care In current society, we stand for freedom and equality. However, human trafficking is a slavery that is opposite to it.

Human trafficking counter argument
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