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Here is your essay on Exporting! As these have been exported for a long time, it is known as traditional export commodities. Import restriction policy helps to control our market from foreign competition which helps economic development. The decision to export or manufacture in the target country should not change the basic marketing program for the product in a market.

It means the structure of import is channeled by adopting different restrictions on import. The different steps which are taken to overcome this gap are divided into three types.

They are traditional and non-traditional modern. Increase in export needs means an increase in the demand for our goods in the foreign market. Eight agro-based goods like coffee, tea, cashew nuts, raw cotton, fertilizers, rice, sugar, tobacco and spices occupied third place.

These non-traditional goods include engineering goods, iron and steel, chemical fertilizers, skin products etc. Due importance is given to defence and other area. Part of the export versus local manufacture decision is an exercise in cost analysis and forecasting, which can be facilitated by advanced management science techniques in linear programming.

It needs modernization of export units and use of new techniques to make it more competitive. More is in the production of the substitute of import, the Jess in dependence on foreign market and import.

Due to different measures of our Government, we have achieved a lot in the field of import substitution. Foreign trade policy of India gives importance to export promotion.

Exporting is that which allows manufacturing operations to be concentrated in a single location, which may lead to scale economies. The export of India to the U. The production of imported commodities inside a country to reduce import is known as import substitution. Trade fairs and exhibitions are organised by our Government in the foreign countries to develop and generate interest for our products.

Generation of interest for our produced goods is not enough to boost export but it needs to fix an accepted price to the foreigners. Of course, this approach has a potential downside — Managers at factories located far from export customers may not be responsive to customer needs and wants.

Exporting: Short Essay on Exporting (573 Words)

Except these countries, there was also an increase in the export of our country to the U. It means different steps like creation of market for our goods, increasing competitiveness among export units and inspiring the exporters to export more are taken to boost exports.

Developing countries were also the importers of our products. Jute products, tea, cotton garments, metal ore, raw skin, cashew nuts, tobacco leaves and other spices have been exported by India for a long time.

Exporting, of course, is one of the important ways of globalization. Keeping these things in mind our Government has given importance to modernize export units. Different steps have been taken for export promotion. Except these, taxes are also reduced on the commodities which are used by export units for producing their goods.

Liberal policy is adopted to import capital goods and technical knowledge for rapid industrialization. Broadly, the important strategies to increase the export earnings are: Except these above stated goods, skin and skin products, tea, petroleum products, iron ore, fish and fish products, cotton garments, cottage industries products etc.

Different steps have been taken to increase the export of both traditional and non-traditional goods. Foreign Trade Policy of India: In a truly globalised environment, the exports will also be very much global; the sourcing of finance, materials and managerial inputs will be global, based on purely business considerations.

Short Essay on Exporting Words Article shared by: The export of India is divided into two types.The effects of all these tariff and non-tariff barriers on importing and exporting countries are almost identical.

Quotas restrict the imports of specified products by setting a maximum quantity or value of goods authorized for import.

Essay on import export business in India

I think that this argument is in the best interests of the country as a whole because they would not be worried about jobs and it will keep the overall population’s wages low to increase country’s overall manufacturing exports.

Physical Exports: If the goods physically go out of the country or services are rendered outside the country then it is called as physical export. Imports and Exports Canada and the United States of America have been through very much since the start of importing and exporting goods across the border.

Of course because of these two very different countries it hasn’t been very easy or inexpensive sharing goods within countries. The Great Depression, Concordancia in Argentina, and Import Substitution Industrialization - The Great Depression, which lasted from towas a landmark decade that entailed famine, increased suicide rates, and financial shrinkage internationally.


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Importing and exporting essay
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