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Prayers are important but SpeakerRyan realDonaldTrump blood is on the hands of those who have power to legislate. What have been the factors leading her to become the cultural phenomenon she is today?

Personally, I like the country version of Born this way better than the original. Thank you for spreading the message of Born This Way.

Her boldness sets her apart from everyone else when she dared to wear distinctive ensembles that had only been seen in runways. And every symbol carries a meaning. Either the song is good or it is not. Keeter said the shooting has completely changed his position on gun rights.

She has been able to stand out, way out, in this very crowded marketplace. The SheizenHaus of Gaga, her royal crew, have come to assist her, and her legendary " Disco Stick " weapon will destroy all wannabee pop artists who dare defy her, such as Rihanna.

She got to where she is not just by coming out in People Magazine with a telephone on her head, she did by strive and dedication.

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But Heidi being the pathetic bitch she is picked it up off the ground and sung it with her shitty vocals and added auto-tune. We need gun control now. Her favorite food is cheese with chocolate sauce.

Why do I have to be gay and be a cunt? Why is she one of the most searched topics on the Internet? Since she first hit airwaves back in with her debut album The Fame, Mother Monster has become an LGBTQ icon whose songs, concerts and videos have served as a safe haven for all those kids and adults on the outskirts of normalcy.

My heart is breaking for Las Vegas.

10 most powerful things Lady Gaga said about equality

It really infuriates me when white LGBT folks are insensitive about race issues, more so than seeing hetero white folks being insensitve. In her earlier career before she had enough money for elaborate costumes and wardrobes she wore a paper bag over her head to the relief of the crowd in attendance.

People seem to take a keen interest to those who have suffered or fight against the odds. Her numerous artistic outfits have sparked an uncontrollable amount of attention and even imitators who want to dress up like her. She was saved from what would have surely been a life spent in one American carnival side-show after another, by Clive Daviswho very early on learned the power of the Gaga.

No more, no less. The Las Vegas shooting is the saddest. People Magazine, September issue Style Some call her attitude inspiring. Music Career Lady Gaga giving a more disgusting show Released an album, The Famethat rocks your world, she describes at as future pop bisexpop.

WE, the marginalized, decide how offensive the term is, not some privileged person who feels nothing when those words are thrown around. Is there really a thought that she is revolutionary?

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Modern social issues are real, they are serious and the laws that confine them having an overarching effect on humanity. Until the events of last night. Instead of expanding their minds, they created a rumor in the hopes of damaging her reputation.

Trying to organize his thoughts, scared and excited at the possibilities ahead If anything, it would have made her success and backstory that much more compelling.

Despite beginning the show 40 minutes late — opening nights have their glitches — Gaga was in full energy as she ripped into "Diamond Heart," standing atop a large high-rise stage and playing the guitar.Lady Gaga’s gender is questioned for the same reasons the haters and idiots questioned the gender of Barack Obama’s wife Michelle.

Pure troll and hate. No real substance to it. Ms. Lady Gaga, also known as Lady Goo Goo, Lady Gag-Worthy and Baby Dribble (real name Stefani Joanne Mussolino Angelina Vito Corleone La Himo XV), is an androgynous oddball Illuminati tool, aged somewhere between 8 and 45, and has build a solid reputation as a current trend pop-singer who will be as forgotten about in ten years.

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Aug 22,  · Is lady gaga a transgender? No, Lady GaGa is NOT a trans-gender. She only said that she was because she wanted the attention. And she does support those who are Gay. Have you ever felt like not confessing your love to your good friend kills you inside?

4 answersStatus: Open. Lady Gaga invites YOU to be in her new movie A Star Is Born. Production may have only just kicked off on Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's A Star Is Born Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams to.

Jun 20,  · I've heard there were rumours if it was ever remade again that the gender roles would be reversed, which I think would be more interesting. by Anonymous: reply Madonna should have won the Oscar for Dangerous Game. She was brilliant in that.

by Anonymous: reply lady gaga i love you but this film sounds like.

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Lady gaga gender in love game
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