Portfolio-based writing assessment checklist

Determine your goals and purpose for the portfolio. This policy was instituted in That is good advice for many endeavors, but particularly for portfolios because there are so many factors to consider, develop and manage over a long period of time.

I like this piece of work because If the focus of the grading is primarily on whether the samples of student work within the portfolio demonstrate certain competencies, the criteria within the rubric will target those competencies.

Performance and understanding are emerging or developing but there are some errors and mastery is not thorough. One skill I could not perform very well but now I can is For example, presenting a collection of work to a teacher who is already familiar with much of the content will likely require a different approach than presenting that work as part of a college application.

As listed in the tables above, different samples of student work will likely be selected for different purposes. It is vital that students also understand the purpose of the portfolio, how it will be used to evaluate their work, and how grades for it will be determined.

The focus might be teacher-directed e. If the purpose is to demonstrate growth, the teacher could make judgments about the evidence of progress and provide those judgments as feedback to the student or make note of them for her own records.

Student Portfolios as an Assessment Tool

The criteria should not go beyond the original performance task, but reflect higher order thinking skills that students could demonstrate within the parameters of the initial task. Publishing on the Web also allows students to solicit comments or questions. The best rubrics have three to five descriptive levels to allow for discrimination in the evaluation of the product or task.

Why, then, do so many classroom teachers forego the use of portfolios as assessment tools? On the other hand, including the student in the decision-making process of determining appropriate types of samples for inclusion might be more critical for a growth portfolio to promote meaningful reflection.

You can have students create portfolios of their work for a particular unit. External audiences are most likely to play a role for evaluation portfolios. For example, what are the descriptors that demonstrate levels of performance in problem solving?

Use simple formats that can be understood by students and that will communicate information about student learning to parents.

In addition, you can access a sample gradesheet to see how final grades will be calculated. Developing good reflective skills requires instruction and modeling, lots of practice, feedback and reflection.

Level 4 is the Standard of excellence level.

Additionally, be sure to offer students the opportunity to reflect about the work included in the portfolio. I then average all the scores to give a grade for the entire portfolio.

Audiences beyond the classroom, school and family An external audience for student work can serve to motivate students to give more attention to and take more seriously their performance.

It also is important -- especially if you plan to use the portfolio as a major grade for your course -- that you get another teacher to help with the evaluations.

Those of us who are educators, for example, need to continually reflect upon what is working or not working in our teaching, how we can improve what we are doing, how we can help our students make connections to what they are learning, and much, much more.A portfolio assessment is a collection of student works that are associated with standards you are required to learn.

This collection of work is often gathered over a long period of time to reflect what you have been taught as well as what you have learned. Each piece in the portfolio is selected.

Rating scales state the criteria and provide three or four response selections to describe the quality or frequency of student work.

Teachers can use rating scales to record observations and students can use them as self-assessment tools. Spelling/Writing (i.e., The student demonstrates proficiency in spelling and writing through Teacher Created Portfolio Checklist School Site_____ Page 2 of 2 Student’s Name_____ and superintendent attesting that it is an accurate assessment and the student possesses the required reading skills to be promoted to fourth grade.

Sometimes the portfolio is also evaluated or graded, but that is not necessary to be considered an assessment. Are portfolios authentic collections of writing. Students in these disciplines are performing authentic tasks which capture meaningful application of knowledge and skills.

How will portfolio progress be tracked? A checklist. Assessment Portfolios and English Language Learners: Frequently Asked Questions based assessments, such as writing samples that illustrate different genres; Assessment portfolio systems can be designed to assess knowledge.


Writing 115 Portfolio-Based Assessment

Besides being a required element in the Assessment Portfolio, the Assessment Portfolio Checklist is a tool designed to help students (1) monitor progress on course assignments and (2) verify the collection/completion (and preparation for presentation) required course work.

Portfolio-based writing assessment checklist
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