Robert wood essay on the original genius of homer

His serious work in public life began with his appointment, early inas Ambassador to Sweden. From toWood was the tutor and travelling companion or Bear-leader as such men were known at the time of the young Duke of Bridgewaterthe richest peer in England, in making the Grand Tour.

He was almost the only English nobleman of his time who knew German[ citation needed ] which allowed him to talk with George Iwho spoke no English. Yale University Press p. He held in absentia the office of Bailiff of Jersey from to In June he became President of the Council, and was still liked and trusted by the King, but his share in government did not go beyond giving advice, and endeavouring to forward ministerial arrangements.

Whether he used the words attributed to him in the Annual Register for is more than doubtful, but the minutes of Council show that they express his meaning. Though his family, on both sides, had been devoted to the House of StuartCarteret was a steady adherent of the Hanoverian dynasty.

An essay on the original genius and writings of Homer ..

Walter Hartethe author of the Life of Gustavus Adolphus, acknowledged the aid which Carteret had given him. She died the following year during the birth of their only daughter: His capacity to speak German with the King would alone have made Sir Robert detest him.

The late Earl of Granville. An essay on the original genius of Homer. Pitt called him "an execrable, a sole minister who had renounced the British nation". History of Parliament Online.

Wood, Robert (1717

Moving south into Syria, they then took careful measurements and drawings of the ancient Roman ruins of Palmyra and Baalbek.

His Lordship repeated the last word several times with a calm and determinate resignation: Walpole also had the full confidence of Queen Carolinewhom he prejudiced against Carteret. Rivalry with Walpole[ edit ] To Walpole, who looked upon every able colleague or subordinate as an enemy to be removed, Carteret was exceptionally odious.

His brilliant parts were somewhat obscured by his rather erratic conduct, and a certain contempt, partly aristocratic and partly intellectual, for commonplace men and ways. He also involved himself in the establishment of the Foundling Hospitala charity championed by the Queen, for which he became a founding Governor.

This share was later defined as a mile wide strip of land in North Carolina adjoining the Virginia boundary, and became known as the Granville District.

Les Ruines de Balbec, autrement dite Heliopolis dans la Coelosyrie. His last act was to listen while on his death bed to the reading of the preliminaries of the Treaty of Paris by the Under-Secretary to the Secretary of StateRobert Woodauthor of an essay on The Original Genius and Writings of Homer, who would have postponed the business, but Granville said that it "could not prolong his life to neglect his duty", and quoted the speech of Sarpedon from Iliad xii.

Carteret declined to join them. She was the granddaughter of the first Viscount Weymouth. In andJohn learned that the other inheritors of the original shares were planning to sell them back to the crown.

After the others surrendered their claims inCarteret in agreed to give up any participation in government in order to keep ownership of his share. He was a friend of the Whig leaders Stanhope and Sunderland and supported the passing of the Septennial Act.

The title of Earl Granville descended to his son Robert, who died without issue inwhen the earldom of this creation became extinct.

Carteret was a profuse and popular Lord Lieutenant who pleased both the English interest and the native Irish. Pelican History of Art. His Lordship was very partial to this subject; and I seldom had the honour of receiving his commands on business, that he did not lead the conversation to Greece and Homer.

An Essay on the Original Genius and Writings of Homer

But he reluctantly, and most unwisely, allowed himself to be entangled in the scandalous family quarrel between Frederick, Prince of Wales and his parents.

But the defects which had rendered him unable to baffle the intrigues of Walpole made him equally unable to contend with the Pelhams. Architecture in Britain When in October Pitt, who had information of the signing of the " Family Compact " wished to declare war on Spainand declared his intention to resign unless his advice was accepted, Granville replied that "the opinion of the majority of the Cabinet must decide".

During this period of diplomatic work he acquired an exceptional knowledge of the affairs of Europe, and in particular of Germanyand displayed great tact and temper in dealing with the Swedish senatewith Queen Ulricawith King Frederik IV of Denmark and King Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia.

When the War of the Austrian Succession approached, his sympathies were entirely with Maria Theresa —mainly on the ground that the fall of the house of Austria would dangerously increase the power of Franceeven if she gained no accession of territory.

He held the secretary-ship till November One reason for the trust he enjoyed from King George was the fact that they could converse in German, which he spoke fluently.An essay on the original genius of Homer.

[Robert Wood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book was originally published prior toand represents a. An essay on the original genius and writings of Homer.

Item Preview An essay on the original genius and writings of Homer.

An essay on the original genius of Homer (1769 and 1775)

by Wood, Robert, ? Publication date Topics Homer, Epic poetry, Greek, Mythology, Greek, in literature, Oral An essay on the original genius and writings of Homer: with a comparative view of the ancient and present state of the Troads / by Robert Wood Search the collection 1 of objects.

John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville

An essay on the original genius of Homer. London (). References "WOOD, Robert (?), of Putney, Surr". History of Parliament Online Sir.

An essay on the original genius and writings of Homer: with a comparative view of the ancient and present state of the Troade. by Wood, Robert, ?

Essay on the Original Genius of Homer

Publication date Pages: Mar 24,  · Wood, Robert (?) (DNB00) From Wikisource. Wood published in ‘The Ruins of Palmyra, otherwise Tedmor in the Desart,’ which was described by Horace Walpole as a noble book, To which is prefixed an Essay on the Original Genius of Homer.’ But the impression in the Grenville Library contains only the essay on.

Robert wood essay on the original genius of homer
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