The female art of a dog

Most of these are classic names that span several syllables and may be difficult to pronounce however, there are many one to two syllable names that can be a good fit for both you and your dog. In fact, as Boucher and his model prove, it has always been and always will be about sex.

There are many names from art and literature that dog owners can choose from. Vivienne Westwood glories in poses culled from painting as she exults in all the possibilities of nakedness in art, while in her 70s.

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Her features in the glass are blurred and hesitant, her expression grave. Picasso puts his own sexuality into every pigment of this opulent painting.

Sandro Botticelli — The Birth of Venus c Botticelli revived the love goddess Venus in the Renaissance, posing her in the modest manner pioneered by the ancient artist Praxiteles, as he sets out not to titillate, but philosophise. After Praxiteles — Capitoline Venus copied from a 4th-century BC original The Greek sculptor Praxiteles more or less created the idea of the female nude.

Dog owners who choose to name their dogs after important characters from art and literature usually pick out names that echo distinct personalities and character.

A dog may be named from a favorite artist such as Da Vinci or from a favorite classic such as Patrasche A Dog of Flanders.


Some names are so unique that your dog does not share the name with any other pet in the park. Great literary masterpieces and works of art are wellsprings of names that you can choose for your dog. Her perfume of orientalist fantasy casts the onlooker as a decadent connoisseur of sensual pleasure.

In so doing he paints a nude not only beautiful, but profound. Getty Images This insouciantly provocative nude is gratuitously offered to the eye of some imagined sultan. Hers is a beauty that heals the world.

If his vision of the nude is utterly proprietorial, it is also absolutely honest. Pablo Picasso — Nude, Green Leaves and Bust Picasso imagines his lover as a welcoming cloud of pinkness, a constellation of curves, in this ecstatic painting.

The artistic tradition of the nude, which goes back to ancient Greece, is sometimes wrongly imagined to be an ethereal pursuit of classic beauty. In one of his lost masterpieces, which can be seen only through later Roman copies, he portrayed the goddess Venus naked in a pose that ancient Greeks found intensely provocative.

The woman, here, is a part of nature, reduced to the status of objects in a still life, to be enjoyed by the male artist. Titian creates with mind-boggling skill the lavish presence of this nude: There are more female nudes in art than there are famous women artists. Vivienne Westwood No 3, London, Yet his love, possessive as it is, cannot be doubted.

The top 10 female nudes in art

Juergen Teller Nudity never loses its power. In this alternative take on his daring theme, Praxiteles gives Venus a more decorous pose — even as she The female art of a dog seen naked, she attempts to cover herself modestly, in a way that actually draws attention to sexuality and its dangers.

At least one onlooker is said to have attempted to copulate with it. She is a divine teacher of spiritual enlightenment.

What do you think about Dickens or Kipling? Names of famous authors and poets can also offer an excellent range of options if you really want a unique name for your pooch.

Are Titian and Ingres misogynists? His ravishing Venus is a lover laying her beauty bare, and the recipient of her optical largesse is anyone who happens to stand in front of this painting in the Uffizi gallery in Florence, Italy. Utterly amoral, this painting is a depraved engine of delight.

Zeus or Toto may earn you less stares than when yelling Aramsamsam! Ingres makes his Odalisque almost surreally curvy, impossibly waxen-skinned, yet more real than any photograph. Is the nude just an instrument of oppression? Juergen Teller — Vivienne Westwood The conventions of the nude can be enjoyed in limitless ways This feminist perspective on the oppression of looking turns the ancient tradition of the nude in art inside out to display the pain of being gazed at.

What is she thinking of? Titian — Venus of Urbino No one has ever painted naked women as gorgeously as Titian did. He sets up an anxious tension between mind and body, between displayed flesh and secret soul.

The time and effort you exert to walk the extra mile in finding a name that will suit your dog to a T will certainly be all worth the work.

According to Plato and his followers the contemplation of physical beauty can lead the mind to heavenly truth.Artistic Dog Names: Art Themed Names for Dogs Art is one of life's great pleasures, and so is having a dog.

Some animal lovers have combined the. A large breed female canine I have as almost like a partner because most people fucking suck in this world. >Boards you regularly lurk and post in /k/ /beast/ /fur/ /zoo/ /b/ (for my daily dose of autism and cancer).

Artists who create dog-related art enter an annual art contest, sponsored by Purina, and have the opportunity to exhibit their work.

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Best in Show: The Dog in Art from the Renaissance to Today. The top 10 female nudes in art From the ravishing Venus of Urbino, past Ingres's sensual Odalisque, to the feminist riposte of the Guerrilla Girls, the female nude has inspired, enraptured and enraged.

Dog leash holder, Functional Art, Dog Leash Hook, Dog Leash Hanger, Dog Art (Be still my heart! Find this Pin and more on Puppy supreme by Amanda Cushing. Dog leash holder Functional Art Dog Leash Hook - Tap the pin for. The dog has had an important place in human mythology,and was considered an animal of exceptional courage.

The first appearance of the dog in painting appears on ancient cave art: the loveable companion was the first animal to be domesticated, and has been by our side ever since.

The female art of a dog
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