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The following documentation should be sent to the Postgraduate Coordinator at least 3 months before the intended submission date: Copyright laws ensure that any text or image created by someone else must be acknowledged, even if the words or images are not part of an official document or publication.

June Students intending to submit their doctoral thesis as a series of publications must discuss the suitability of this option with their supervisors as early as possible in their candidature. In addition to peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers, one or more of the publications may take the form of a book chapter.

In view of the confidential nature of the examination only certain information can be provided prior to Faculty consideration of the case. These references are linked to word processing documents to instantly create in-text citations and bibliographies in the referencing style that is required.

The thesis requires further work on matters detailed in my report.

Students must declare their intention to submit their thesis in this format no later than the time of the confirmation of candidature review. It is the responsibility of the supervisor or Director of Postgraduate Research to nominate examiners for the thesis.

The thesis does not merit the award in its present form and further work as described my report is required. A thesis that has not been certified for examination by the supervisor is unable to be accepted.

You should check with your supervisor or Postgraduate Research Coordinator whether your School or Faculty requires any additional copies. Candidates must seek permission for copyright prior to lodging the final hard bound copy of the thesis in the library and digital thesis online.

Candidates may obtain information about the progress of the examination from the GRS by phone or email. For information on the thesis submission process, please visit the GRS website: Further information on the Thesis Examination Procedure is available at: These copies must contain a Thesis Dissertation sheet and Originality Statement.

The thesis merits the award of the degree subject to minor corrections as listed being made to the satisfaction of the Head of School HOS.

The Declarations page must be signed and should include a specific declaration regarding the publication status of each publication as at the time of submission of the thesis. Your thesis dissertation sheet needs to be signed, witnessed, and dated, and must contain the same version of your word abstract as that entered into the Thesis Examination Management TEM system on MyUNSW.

The information on this screen is in accordance with the Policy on Examination of Research Degrees. It is acceptable to present your thesis in temporary binding providing that the binding is secure enough to endure the examination process.

Conditions of the award of the degree PhD: The University does however recognise that there are certain circumstances in which immediate public availability of a thesis in the library may not be desirable. It is University policy that the names of examiners appointed are not released to the candidate until the examination process is complete.

Evidence that copyright holder agreement has either been waived or received must be provided by the student.

Where the candidate is not the sole author of a publication, a statement must be included regarding the contributions of others to each publication, including the writing of the publication. Content and Structure Rules for Theses Length: Every candidate for the degree of Master by Research, Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Juridical Science, is required to submit two hard copies and one electronic copy of the thesis for examination.

The minimum number of semesters includes credit granted towards the degree from work performed prior to enrolment at UNSW. In addition to the pagination used for the individual chapters, the whole thesis should be consecutively paginated.

Candidature Requirements » Thesis Submission

Two weeks before the due date for the thesis reports the GRS sends a reminder to the examiner that the report is due.

A program of advanced study should only be undertaken if these conditions can be fulfilled. The thesis should be presented as a coherent whole with an overarching argument or theme that flows through the individual chapters.

If you are an international candidate, you may need to apply for an extension of your student visa. The HDC does not have a set of hard and fast rules that can be applied for every case. Thesis Submission Thesis Submission Once you are ready to submit your thesis, you need to prepare copies of your thesis that can be sent to your examiners.

Notification of Intention to Submit Thesis: The thesis does not merit the award of the degree and does not demonstrate sufficient ability by the candidate for a re-submitted thesis to achieve this merit.

Depositing your thesis

Examiners are provided with the following information: Candidates should not contact the GRS until at least 10 weeks after the thesis has been submitted.Finding UNSW theses UNSW theses / dissertations in electronic format can be located via UNSWorks.

More information on UNSWorks can be found in UNSWorks guidelines check the details of the thesis you require via ProQuest dissertations and theses global (includes doctoral dissertations and masters theses, including universities in the UK and.

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it is necessary to obtain approval for a restricted thesis at least 6 months prior to the anticipated date of submission of the thesis; more information can be obtained from the UNSW Sydney Graduate Research School or UNSW Canberra Research Student Unit.

Thesis Submission Once you are ready to submit your thesis, you need to prepare copies of your thesis that can be sent to your examiners. These copies must contain a Thesis Dissertation sheet and Originality Statement. Before Thesis Submission. A summary of the requirements you need to meet before submitting your thesis.

Thesis Submission. UNSW Sydney NSW Australia Telephone +61 2 Authorised by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) UNSW. The University of New South Wales website features the Thesis Examination Management system.

This system is used to manage the submission and examination of research theses at UNSW. Research candidates and staff are able to interact with the system via myUNSW to submit forms and track the progress of thesis examination processes.

Thesis submission unsw
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