Travelling in russia

But you have to be adventurous and look what you are buying and from whom you are buying. The Metro in Moscow especially is almost a tourist attraction in and of itself — the stations dating back to the s are breathtaking, resembling underground palaces more than they do your average metro station.

Hiring a local driver may be an option, but that option is good for short-haul trips, such as trips along the Golden ring Travelling in russia picturesque towns, which are not far from Moscow. If you took that trip, please share your experiences with us!

Under a bilateral agreement signed inqualified U. First of all, choose the train. A single ride in Moscow and St. Pete lasts 4 hours, you sit, use wifi, enjoy a meal or snacks and are at your destination in no time fast trains — for example the famous Red Arrow train train 1 or 2 between Moscow and St.

Russia: Travel Tips

Travelers must possess a Russian transit visa in addition to a Belarusian visa if their travel route either to or from Belarus goes through Russia.

But I liked the Russia I saw much more than I ever expected to. Food On A Train Metal tea-glass holder Having a meal, served to your carriage, is a very new option, only available on some trains and in the luxury type carriages.

I even had two separate tour guides tell Putin jokes. You must have a current U. Never send money to anyone you have not met in person. Better trains the ones with the lower train numbers usually also have better food. Visa application form, hotel reservation confirmation, contract for provision of tourist services with a tourist organization registered with the Russian Federal Tourism Agency.

But before you book a trip on a night train or a several day trip on a trainthere are some things you need to know: Several hours on those trains are a comfortable experience.

I was a guest of Viking River Cruises on this trip to Russia, and received a complimentary cruise. However, time goes and food from home is eaten.

8 Things That Surprised Me About Russia

Embassy in Moscow or the nearest U. Instead of spending 2 hours getting to the airport and another hour or more for airport procedures, you can arrive at the railway station minutes before the train departure and still make it.

A consent obtained in the United States from a U. Report crimes to the local police at 02 oror if using a mobile phone, and the U. The Russian government may also ask these applicants to undergo tests for tuberculosis and leprosy.

What do people do then? And there is a lot to be explained here. Morning tea by T.The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against all travel to Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan, as well as all but essential travel to North Ossetia, Karachai-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria.

Please check with your relevant national government.

How To Travel In Russia – By Car, Plane Or Train?

Minors who also have Russian citizenship and are traveling alone or in the company of adults who are not their parents, must carry a Russian passport as well as their parents’ notarized consent for the trip, which can be obtained at a Russian embassy or consulate, or a U.S. notary public.

Traveling by car in Russia is however quite challenging. Poor condition of the roads is the main obstacle. Technically it is possible to travel by car, but it would be a very difficult affair unless you choose a newly build highways (Moscow –, Moscow – Crimea).

To be perfectly honest, Russia was never high up on my travel bucket list. It's one of those countries that I assumed I would visit eventually, but that I wasn't actively dreaming about like some other places on my list.

But when I was presented with a chance to go to Russia with Viking River Cruises this past autumn, I decided I really couldn't pass it up. Tourists / Visitors Travelling In Russia.

Here are some tips from a first time visitor to Russia. In winter, bring some good shoes with good traction. Sweeping of ice and snow from walks is spotty in Moscow and Kazan and it is easy to slip. The Russians seem just to truck through it all.

Few traditions in Russia are as sacrosanct as the drinking of vodka, and any foreign notions of drinking it with orange juice or tonic are anathema to your average Russian.

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If you need something to wash it down, you can chase it with a lemon, a pickle or, perhaps, a separate glass of water.

Travelling in russia
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