Use of probability for healthcare needs of the elderly essay

The research method includes categorizing a given population into those who have never used the nursing home, those who have used is at least once but are out of it and third category are those who are already in the nursing homes.

References Liu Z She noted that optimal physical and mental health depended on a the behavior of a person and the their lifestyle. Structural Considerations in Comparative Research.

Use Of Probability For Healthcare Needs Of The Elderly Essay Sample

Another challenge for a middle-income country. Then the categories are sub-grouped according age range, sex and past history of nursing home usage. University of Wisconsin-Madison Wong, R.

Evidence from Chile and Mexico: Zunker et al analyzed the needs in terms of health for the elderly people of Mexico. Health declines with increases in the number of years an individual lives. Journal of Trans-cultural Nursing, 16 1 In USA the Mexicans are not provided with insurance covers for their health.

Healthcare is very essential component in the well-being of the elderly; however without the health insurance it has been difficult for the old people to get the proper healthcare concerns.

I would base my argument on the on the social issues facing this topic in the mentioned country. It is with this knowledge that I will establish the ease of getting the insurance covers for the elderly in the two countries. According to Wong et althe services of health services in Mexico are largely provided by the public sector.

She stated that the systems of health care also play a role in the health conditions of the Mexicans. In the past, researchers have also utilized death certificates to determine if the individual died in the nursing home or not, this type of research model had loopholes as it could not be extrapolated for the entire population accurately.

In the research work there will be checking to establish how the elderly have been making use of the available services of the insurance coverage if at all they have been using it. They noted that the government of Mexico uses general revenues to pay for the health care needs of the middle and low-income groups of the population.

Wong et al had main interest been to establish the role of health insurance in the determination of how often the elderly will visit the doctor or get hospitalized. International institute on ageing Susan, D.

I will be interested in the coverage of health insurance among the elderly people in Mexico. One of the major similarity is that the availability of the insurance services on healthcare were usually based on the probability to use the services. This has helped the healthcare here use the private insurance or resources to pay for healthcare.

She analyzed the well-being, health systems and health systems and other behavioral factors among the elderly. The health of aging Hispanics part 1, Insurances in healthcare will assist them to access medical care and this will lead to improvement in their lives and health status. The study established that despite the healthcare insurance, Mexican elderly in the United States were more likely to get hospitalized than the ones in Mexico.

Angel et al analyzed subjective control and health factors among the Mexicans elders in Mexico. Research on Aging, 28 3 Older people are faced with more health related problems resulting from the aging factor in them, this necessitates a healthcare concerns in them to be checked into.

Health care use among elderly Mexicans in the United States and Mexico. This can also be attributed to the fact that the elderly are more vulnerable in United States than in Mexico. According to Zunker the Hispanics who live in urban communities suffer often from inequalities in the social issues like limitation in the access of services of healthcare.

Hispanic health and ageing in the Americas: By focusing on the probability of nursing home usage, the research served the purpose of government to develop necessary medical infrastructure, the insurance companies could utilize it for long-term care insurance policies and service providers Nursing home administrators could plan better service delivery strategies.

Gonzalez et al Wong, et al analyzed the usage of healthcare among the elderly Mexicans in Mexico and the United States. Healthcare in Mexico is not very improved. Poor living conditions resulted from conditions of living which were poor, lack of health insurance, increase in the incidences of chronic diseases and higher poverty rates.

This indicates that in United States people depend more on insurance covers than in Mexico.Free Essay: The elderly aged 65 and older are the leading users of healthcare services nationwide.

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You Have Not Saved Any Essays. Topics in this paper. Old Age; Want; You should respect an elderly needs and wants, because they don't have much time left to live. The body of an elderly needs a great amount of attention. Essays Related to How to Care for Elderly. /5(7). Healthcare Among The Elderly In Mexico In this research paper I would like to establish how healthcare situation is among the elderly in Mexico.

I would base my argument on the on the social issues facing this topic in the mentioned country. I will be interested in the coverage of health insurance among the elderly people in Mexico. In the research work there will be checking to establish how. Medicare, Medicaid, and the Elderly Poor Diane Rowland, Sc.D., and Barbara Lyons, Ph.D.

non-medical needs and expenses as well as by the need for additional services and spe- more likely to use health services.

Al-though Medicare provides basic health in. - The use of interactive consumer health information technology would be beneficial in the healthcare setting in order to monitor patient status, provide quality care, establish treatment goals, and communicate effectively with the healthcare providers.

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Use of probability for healthcare needs of the elderly essay
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