West side story the romeo and

Schrank orders the Sharks out and unsuccessfully tries to discover information about the fight. When Tony tries to stop the fight, Bernardo attacks him. Bernstein was despondent, but Sondheim convinced his friend Hal Princewho was in Boston overseeing the out-of-town tryout of the new George Abbott musical New Girl in Townto read the script.

However, Bernardo angrily demands Tony stay away from her. Ultimately, some of the cast were teenagers, some were 21, some were 30 but looked He proposed that the plot focus on the conflict between an Irish Catholic family and a Jewish family living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan[6] during the Easter— Passover season.

Tony discreetly visits Maria on her fire escape, where they reaffirm their love. Police sirens blare and everyone flees, leaving behind the dead bodies. The next day, Maria is in a very happy mood at the bridal shop, as she anticipates seeing Tony again. Lieutenant Schrank arrives and questions Maria about the events leading up to the Rumble.

What Are the Similarities Between

Another major difference between these two stories is that in Romeo and Juliet, Juliet sees Romeo dead and decides to kill herself. Only the bodies of Riff and Bernardo remain.

As police sirens start blaring in the distance, everybody takes off, leaving behind the bodies of Riff and Bernardo. When Tony arrives, Maria asks him to stop the fight altogether, which he agrees to do.

However, she learns about the upcoming rumble from Anita and is dismayed. When he leaves, they lampoon him, along with judges, psychiatrists and social workers "Gee, Officer Krupke".

Tony then runs through the streets shouting for Chino and begging him to kill him too. Riff wants to convince his friend and former member of the Jets, Tony, to meet the Jets at the dance. Also, they said the score was too rangy for pop music She admits that Chino has a gun and is looking for Tony.

They profess their love and Anita warns them about the consequences if Bernardo learns of their relationship. The Jets and Sharks arrive to find Maria holding Tony, who dies. Tony tries to intervene, which leads to Bernardo killing Riff.

West Side Story (1961)

In West Side Story the only thing holding each other back from one another are their ties to gangs; Maria, the Sharks and Tony,the Jets. The sound of approaching police sirens is heard, and everyone scatters, except Tony, who stands in shock at what he has done.

Glad Hand John Astinthe chaperon at the dance, tries to make the gangs mix with a get-together dance, but when he is not looking, the boys swap back to their original partners.

They are warned by police officers Krupke and Lt.West Side Story is a beautifully-mounted, impressive, emotion-ridden and violent musical which, in its stark approach to a raging social problem 94%(65). Similarities between "West Side Story" and "Romeo and Juliet" include the central conflict, the setting where the two main characters meet, the balcony scene and the violent conflict between the characters.

Like "Romeo and Juliet", "West Side Story" is about the forbidden love affair between two. West Side Story is a American romantic musical tragedy film directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. The film is an adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name, which in turn was inspired by William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.

It stars Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Russ. West Side Story is the modern day translation of Romeo and Juliet. Maria doesn't kill herself which is good because it shows she is more mature than Juliet.

It is a very accurate modern day translation of Romeo and Juliet. Above anything and everything else, West Side Story is a retelling of Romeo and mint-body.com's lots of reasons to watch this film, but the genius adaptation of Shakespeare's tale of star-cross'd lovers is the big one. Bernstein’s West Side Story bursts with violent, sensual rhythms and big-hearted melodies.

This most popular of musicals updates the story of Romeo and Juliet, transplanting the action to the.

West side story the romeo and
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