What is jb priestleys main aim in an inspector calls essay

She is so steadfast in her views that she goes so far as to ask for her son to be punished so that she can escape the blame. Everybody seems to try their hardest to help others and those who are needy.

He says what a good time it is for them to be marrying in. He is representative of the middle classes of that era, who shows little regard for anyone in the lower classes. The message that J.

And I tell you that the time will soon come, when, if men do not learn this lesson, they will be taught in fire and blood and anguish. He was very ignorant and had a bad attitude towards people, especially his own son Eric.

Just because one organisation turned her down it did not mean she could not plead her case with others. B Priestley was trying to communicate is reflected in the personalities and actions of the characters within the play.

Each character was different characteristically, but alike also because their actions towards Eva Smith showed they heartless. This is because J. That may have worked, otherwise she could have tried looking for another job, which she would have found rather hard.

This would remind his audiences of the horrors of the world wars. She had a good case also but Mrs Birling did not care for that. He uses dramatic speech to emphasize his points. He was very immature for his age and was an alcoholic so he did not know how to handle himself sensibly.

She stayed rather calm, knowing that this would end in a disaster. The production as a whole Essay J. It was a very good change that was made. It was a horrible prison like place, which would not have made sense her staying there.

When Mr Birling is berating his children about their behaviour, after the Inspector has left, he seems the most worried about losing his place in the next honours list, and therefore his chances of a knighthood.

Throughout his life, he had been an active socialist, making his message clear through his writings and speeches. He used her like a toy and threw her out once he was bored and finished with her. They could all be killed.

Everyone felt very ashamed of him after finding these shocking things out. They had no shame treating people like they were no one just because they did not have everything they wanted or needed.

Priestley had lived through both the World Wars, and had seen the class barriers eroded with the passing of each one. They would not want a repeat of the past.

He thought this made him especially special, as if to say, he could never do anything wrong, and if he did he could get away with it!!! The important message in this story is quite genuine. He was a patriotic man, and his many plays reflect the love of his homeland, as much as they do his social and political ideas.

The Labour party had risen in power since the working classes could now also vote. There is quite a bit of irony, like where Birling speaks about the Titanic being unsinkable, even though this play was written after the Titanic had already sunk so everyone knew something was wrong.

What is JB Priestley’s message in An Inspector Calls

It is definitely not as hard to find a job and there are hostels for homeless people around. The Inspector used his strengths to break each one of them down and them confess. Mr Birling was portrayed as a hard-headed ex-magistrate and major, waiting to be knighted.

What is Priestley's main aim in 'An Inspector Calls'?

He was very wealthy. Priestley wanted something more than this at the end of the Second war.J.B Priestley 's main aim in writing 'An Inspector Calls,' was to warn the government of the consequences of not allowing social changes which socialists strongly demanded.

Cite This Essay To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below. An Inspector Calls Examine the opening scene of JB Priestleys ‘An Inspector Calls’ to the point when the inspector enters. Discuss the dramatic effectiveness of this scene with the dramatic effectiveness of this scene with some reference to the rest of the play.

J.B. Priestley’s intention in writing ‘An Inspector Calls’ was to make sure that Britain did not repeat the social mistakes of it’s past. J.B. Priestley had lived through both the World Wars, and had seen the class barriers eroded with the passing of each one.

During An Inspector Calls, JB Priestly uses the Birling family and the inspector to show life in a different light. Within the Inspectors presence throughout the play, Priestly delivers his aims to the audience by certain characteristics in the family and the social commentary from the inspector.

Priestley's Main Aim in An Inspector Calls Essay Words | 10 Pages Priestley's Main Aim in An Inspector Calls Priestly’s main aim in An Inspector Calls is to draw attention to the roles and consequences of capitalism in society and he achieves this successfully.

Priestley's main aim was perhaps to make an audience aware that no one person can live in a society without being responsible for others who live in that same society.

`An Inspector calls` is set in the early `s and was first presented to audiences in the `s, up to current date.

What is jb priestleys main aim in an inspector calls essay
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