When hell was in session

Limbs, organs and all. They had robbed the right to live undisturbed by any foreign barbarian. Moments like these are what made this book reiterate just how many shades of gray can exist even in such a seemingly black-and-white issue such as torture. Further, had they done that, they would have ended the terrible killing much earlier, save tons of blood from all sidesAmerican included!

All he had to do, had he has any When hell was in session and common sense, even the lowest degree one, was to admit his war crime of murder unarmed civilians in an undeclared "war" by his bombings, the crime of violence against people who had done no harm to him and his country.

It highlighted the stark contrast between the various schools of thoughts at the time that have so directly shaped the American dichotomy today. But he makes it oh-so-difficult to respect him when he goes off on a diatribe about how abortions are a threat to national security, and how he single-handedly halted cartoonishly evil communism in all Central America with a patriotic Marine Todd speech.

The second epilogue is absolute garbage, and it made it extremely difficult for me as a reader to still have any respect for the man and author from the rest of the book. They were dogs, who jumped into any bush, not knowing what were inside as soon as the masters ordered.

Beyond that I had no idea what I was getting into, but was determined to enter with an open mind. It is ironic, then, that Denton is the one to present the reader with these nuanced issues, while also himself being such a blind patriot, and such an arbiter of how, exactly, everyone should be behaving in any given situation.

Denton also makes angry references to two traitors who are on his airplane, and makes a big deal of which door they will use to leave or something like thatbut I seemed to have missed whichever part in the book explains why he hates these two guys so much.

Without them, the BIGWIGS could not have been able to start and prolong unrest, conflict and wars all over the whole world to reap huge profit from selling weaponry. But after W W IIall U S military efforts were and are being served solely for the purpose of expanse its world influence, namely to subjugate all third world countries under its wings.

We knew too well how these barbarians have massacred the original inhabitants to robbed the land now known as America. History is a repeating terrible story!

This is not my own theory, it was a fact according to his memoir. As in any society, different people are different.

Beyond the fact that the military had instilled in him a preset sense of order, it was difficult for me to understand why go through so much pain, and demand that other people go through the same amount of pain, just to avoid giving useless information like biographies.

But worth it, I think. I saw this listed during a Kindle sale, it looked significantly less-shitty than the other discount titles, it appeared well-reviewed, and it was about a topic about which I know very little and thus would like to learn more.

Trying to justify, glorify and white wash their war criminal activities while building their blood soaked profession of robbing and killing the "national enemies""defending" America, "protecting" American way of life and other similar hogwash.

If you are considering this book, realize that it realistically is two books: There may have been something wrong with my Kindle version, but in the last chapter things suddenly stop making sense completely.

They had robbed the peaceful Viet-Namese families their sons, their daughters, their motherstheir fathersthese "white devils". Stockdale even prayed before his sorties to sown death and destruction upon Viet-Namese targets!

How much intelligent one need be to be a professional soldierespecially a mercenary other than the skill of a snake?

When Hell Was in Session

I challenge those who are happy with the current state of our nation to read this entire book as well. When was the last time the North Viet-Namese government done any harm to the U S which was thousands of miles away other than ejecting the aggressive invading foreign barbarians out of their beloved ancestral soil?

One can say the same thing as stated above with George W Bush Jr.

Nov 06, Hai Quan rated it did not like it Just because one is a high ranking military officer, even an Admiral,does not necessary mean one is a highly intelligent, noblehonest,compassionate, respectable or admirable.

In his pea size brain, perhaps he did not realize he had just busted his a I wondered, "Should my like or dislike of this book be influenced by my like or dislike of the author? He sits in judgment of other servicemen who do not follow the Code of Conduct as religiously as he does.When Hell Was in Session is a memoir by U.S.

Navy Rear Admiral Jeremiah Denton, recounting his experiences as an American prisoner of war (POW) during the Vietnam War. A Navy pilot, Denton's jet was shot down over North Vietnam in July First published: "whean hell was in session" is an amazing memoir writtion by a decorated combat pilot who servered his time in vietnam and was shot down and was tortured in the infamous hanoi hilton prison but he kept his courage up and used his eye lids to give codes to the out side world to pass out military information he kept his moral and the moral of his /5(8).

When Hell Was in Session has ratings and 61 reviews. Sarah said: Read this book for 2 reasons: 1- for the narrative of Adm Denton's time as a POW tha /5.

Made for television, When Hell Was in Session is the true story of Navy commander Jeremiah Denton here played by Hal Holbrook.

Shot down during a bombing mission over Vietnam inDenton Category: Drama, Television. In When Hell Was in Session, Jeremiah Denton, the senior American officer to serve as a Vietnam POW, tells the amazing story of the almost eight years he survived as a POW in North Vietnam.

Inhe appeared on a television interview from prison and blinked the word torture in Morse Code, confirming for the world that atrocities were taking /5(). Oct 08,  · He was shot down over North Vietnam on June 18, and was a prisoner of war until February ofseven and a half years of hell.

They did everything to him except kill him. At one point, Admiral Denton was kept in a tiny isolation cell for over three and a half years/10().

When hell was in session
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