Youth and gang violence essay

There is gang presence in all fifty states in urban, suburban, and even the most rural communities Tsou. Based off this typology, I do not think it would take much thinking to put the terms together and realize exactly what is wrong with society at as whole.

If they do leave, both the kids and their families instantly become targets of the gang they were affiliated with Sex, Money, Murder. Most street gangs that the youth are being recruited by started in urban areas where poverty and poor living conditions were present. It is a good outline for those that want to help, because it shows them exactly what needs to be taken care of in order to slow down the violence.

A Youth and gang violence essay of the images and facts out there are pretty gruesome. He was killed due to a gang related act Fraser. These children end up being forced to commit every type of crime out there and are often caught in the middle of these violent activities.

These gangs will stop at nothing to get the money they desire. Gang activity is popping up in all environments. I believe that if someone took note to what was said, even without the visual aide, people would start thinking more about gang activity and society.

In his statement, he says that because these kids do not have the opportunities and resources as others, they resort to these gang related activities. I also bolded a few words; which instantly brings up the terms youth violence, opportunity, society, and failed. There will always be violence in our society, but it is up to us to keep kids out of the line of fire.

Hybrid gangs are not a new threat, nevertheless the most recent state study displays the problem is getting worse especially in South Florida.

I figured it must be the same for others as well. Communities fail to acknowledge Hybrid gang members of all ages and that they are used by the gang in the unlawful sale of narcotics and other illegal actions.

These make the image seem very serious, because it is a dark subject. It is very straight forward by saying what exactly happens as a result of youth involvement and why these kids might get into the situation in the first place.

Youth Gangs Essays (Examples)

Communities lack acknowledgment of understanding the characteristics of hybrid gangs. They are not being educated enough to understand. It is up to society to assist these kids and their families to get them out of the situation where they feel obligated to start their criminal acts.

Inthere were gangs in the south Florida region, but by the number jumped to beyond 1, with…… [Read More] The community fails to acknowledge the fact that a hybrid gang is an organized group with a recognized leader whose activities are either criminal or, at the very least, threatening to the community in South Florida.

Like I said before, I knew this topic could use pathos to get to the heart of those who come across this site. The most difficult part of this process was to find a way to get the point across without being too graphic. South Florida does not acknowledge that the gangs belong to one of two alliances, either "People" or "Folks.

The first picture is that of a little girl standing next to a picture of her sixteen year old brother, Derrion Albert. I think the way I used typography to make my quote stand out was a unique aspect of mine. It is our job as American citizens to do more to keep kids safe; away from the violence, drugs, and crime that result from gang activity.

Everyday innocent kids and families are affected by these gang activities across the countries. In one study based on responses from male inmates in 6 juvenile correctional facilities in 4 States, researchers found that movement from nongame membership to gang membership brought increases in most forms of gun-involved conduct.

It was really bland. With a somber look on her face, even that little girl understands that the killings need to stop. To make it more visual, I bolded the words: This causes them to not leave the gangs and eventually, they end up in prison, addicted to drugs, severely injured, or even dead Gangs.

They also do not acknowledge that firearms and gang violence go hand in hand.Jun 03,  · YOUTH GANG VIOLENCE IN AUSTRALIA A report by Sam Brown The legal argument being stated in this report refers to the developing issue of youth gang criminology that has somewhat flourished and further advanced in the suburban areas of Australia since the s.

Jacob Graham. ENG Professor High. WP Visual Argument Essay. Gangs in the United States In the past thirty years, gang activity and violence among youth has grown exponentially in the United States.

Effort have been made to keep kids off the streets around the around the gangs, but these gangs have found their way into schools and. To believe that the existence of youth gangs and juvenile violence is a myth is to believe that its causes are also fictional.

But what is s. Reducing The Gang Violence Criminology Essay. Over the past couple of years, Philadelphia has seen an increase in crimes committed. The city’s murder rate reached its highs not seen since the s, according to the.

Youth violence is a serious issue, and there are many factors that contribute to youth violence; they are domestic violence, negative media and gangs. The truth is if a child grows up in an unhealthy household then there will more chances for he or she to grow up to be a violent person.

Youth Gangs, Drugs, & Violence - Gang involvement and its associated violent crime have become a rapidly growing problem for the United States.

Youth and gang violence essay
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